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tavros rolls up to the barbers and breathily asks for ‘the macklemore’ meanwhile vriska shows up on equius’ doorstep and asks for a new arm
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#inbreeding can cause deformities in the resulting children
#especially if it continues in the future
#and this is likely why it is such a social taboo
#because your lack of self control could and probably will lead to horrible deformities
#this is because you and your sibling share similar genetic makeup
#and your combined genes will eventually lead to the activation of genes that are not normally found activated in human beings
#which are normally horrible
#not to mention the idea of a father or mother having sex with their child
#is pedophilia in the highest sense of the word
#which means youd not only be walking down a path to horrible genetic deformities
#but you also fucked a child
#and you fucked YOUR child
#the thing that you and someone you loved made
#and you are supposed to raise and nuture to adulthood
#and youre probably a sick sick person who desperately needs help
#i do NOT approve of incest by the way
#i am 100% against it
#in fact i may be more than that
#like 1000% against it
#this is simply in case there was any uneducated people
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what is this from omg so beautiful (*°ั˘°ั*)
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Assassin's Creed Unity: *no playable female Assassins*
Male gamers: This is just fine, so shut up! What's important isn't the character's gender, it's the story they are in! Who cares about the characters' genders? Stop trying to ruin other people's fun!
Hyrule Warriors: *10 playable characters, 8 of them are women*
Male gamers: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?! There are too many girls in this game! What about us, the male fans? Why the female fans have more options? Women aren't interesting, if you don't include more men in the game then the story will become boring!
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look at this picture of skrillex holding a pineapple. look at it you piece of shit. fuck you 
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#cleopatra with the nose knocked off. I wonder if people still think she was European like the movies betray…

I still think it’s one of the most desperate things whites have done to blacks and to black history. The disrespect is outrageous. They came to our country and mentally could not fathom how these black civilizations could be so great. They literally rode through our lands and shot the noses off of our statues. Why? So that the statues would no longer resemble the African people and they could LIE about the origins of Egypt and countless other civilizations. It was a widespread practice. It’s why statues of Pharaoh’s and their wives have no noses. It’s why the Sphinx has no nose. When I was in middle and high school, we were taught that the noses had fell off due to time and poor craftsmanship! They have literally tried to teach us that our ancestors were shitty builders of noses just to hide their malicious destruction of our heritage. European fears of African peoples had to come from somewhere. I want to know what part of the history is missing. There’s something that they don’t want to be told.

The shade is real

i was taught that the noses fell off as well and actually continued to believe this. in retrospect this makes no sense, considering greek/roman statues pretty much always have intact noses whereas egyptian ones are always conveniently missing theirs. thank you for pointing this out to me, i hadn’t even made that connection until now.

The bolded was me too and I am seriously embarrassed that I never even thought about how that could be false.

Damnnn. I hate myself for not realizing this.
    I hate myself even more, since I know the ancient Egyptians created their sculptural works with the idea of permanence in mind. They were literally built to last throughout the afterlife. Notice how the majority of their monumental sculpture is stone-bound, without any protruding elements or breakable appendages. That’s because many of these sculptures were intended to house the life-force (Ka) of those they portrayed. Of their favorite materials were basalt and diorite, both extremely hard stones that were incredibly difficult to carve. Meaning a nose just doesn’t “fall off” because of “poor craftsmanship,” you would literally have to take a hammer to it. Fuckers.

Cleopatra was black, she was as black as Cicely Tyson. -Paul Mooney

Don’t hate yourself, and don’t be embarrassed. This is one of the biggest things that they have done to try and uphold the myth of Black inferiority/White supremacy. Erasing Blackness is what they’ve been doing since Day 1. They’ve done it then, they do it now, and they’ll keep doing it until the world ends. 
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"Do you have some kinda crush on that Markiplier gu-"

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Incredible Mud Art
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#p mu ch
#god that movie sucks



when you say frozen wasnt that good white people be like


i cant fucking breathe

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